Prof. Toni Mileski, PhD.

University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of  Philosophy – Department for security, defence and peace.
Blvd. Goce Delchev 9a, Skopje
North Macedonia

Prof. Toni Mileski, PhD, was born in 1973 in Kichevo. He graduated in 1997 and received his master’s degree in 2002 at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius”in Skopje. During his studies, he is actively involved in the activities of the student organisation of the Faculty of Philosophy, in which he is the editor-in-chief of the student magazine at the Faculty of Philosophy, “Internal Traveler”. In December 1998, he was employed at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje as a junior assistant at the Institute for Security, Defense and Peace. He defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Political-geographical position of the Republic of Macedonia: assessment and perspectives for development in the Euro-Atlantic environment” in April 2005 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. He obtained the title Doctor of Defense and Peace Studies. On September 30, 2005, he was elected assistant professor until he acquired the title of associate professor in 2010. He has been a full professor since 2015 at the Institute for Security, Defense and Peace at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. His research and teaching priorities are related to Political Geography and Geopolitics. Integral Security, Energy and Environmental Security, Migration and conflicts.

Prof. Mileski participated in several commissions at the Faculty of Philosophy and in performing other tasks and responsibilities of the Faculty and the Institute of Security, Defence and Peace. Among them, we will list – Vice Dean for Finance at the Faculty of Philosophy from 15.09.2009 to 15.09.2013; Editor-in-Chief of the international scientific journal Security Dialogues. Also, prof. Mileski is a member of the editorial board of the Italian book series “Globolitical” and“Contemporary Macedonian Defense”, published by the Ministry of Defense.

He has participated in conferences and seminars and has studied at universities in the United States and Germany. In October 2012, he participated in the International Leadership Program (IVLP) organised by the United States of America Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia. The program has been implemented in several government institutions, NGOs and Universities in three cities in the United States, namely in Washington, New York and Boston.

Prof. Mileski,in November 2019, realised a one-month study stay at the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus. During the stay, prof. Mileski participated in preparing an international conference entitled “Transposition of Acquis Communataire: Migration and Environment”. Also, within the project activities, prof. Mileski gave a guest lecture to an international group of students within the study course seminar “International Environmental Law”. The topic of the lecture was the regulation of the law on quality air in Macedonia, with particular reference to air pollution as a safety problem.

He was a project coordinator through the DAAD Foundation and the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus, Germany. For the first time, within the “DAAD University Dialogue with Macedonia,” the theme of the project was “Climate Change and Security: a Global Issue in a Local Context”, while for the second project, the theme was “Transposition of the Acquis Communautaire in Macedonia – with a particular focus on climate change policy, air pollution, security matters and risk management “.

Prof. Mileski participated as an editor in translating the book “Diplomacy” by Henry Kissinger within the project “Tops of World Philosophy, History and Psychology with Psychoanalysis” financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

Prof. Mileski is credited with the intensive cooperation between the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius – Faculty of Philosophy (Department for security, defence and peace) and the Institute for International Politics and Economicsfrom Belgrade. The cooperation is aimed at joint preparation of projects, lectures, discussions and scientific research.

He is author of the more than ten textbooks and monographies and more than 90 scientific papers.We single out the most important recent ones:


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Scientific papers:

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