Dr. Chen Xiu, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Novi Sad, delivered a lecture titled “Confucianism and Xi Jinping’s Governance”. Dr. Chen underscored the enduring influence of Confucianism on Chinese culture and values throughout history and elucidated Xi Jinping’s vision for integrating these principles into contemporary Chinese politics. Following the lecture moderated by Dr. Aleksandar Mitić, a discussion ensued, focusing on the contemporary foreign policy challenges confronting the People’s Republic of China.

The visit of Dr. Chen Xiu was an invaluable opportunity to meet with Prof. Dr. Branislav Đorđević, the IIPE’s Director. Professor Đorđević emphasized the significance of researching modern Chinese foreign policy and conveyed his optimism regarding the continued successful institutional collaboration between the Confucius Institute and the Institute of International Politics and Economics in the future.