Congratulations to the new ambassadors

Prof. Branislav Djordjevic, IIPE’s director, sent congratulations to the newly appointed ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Croatia wishing them a successful mandate.  

17+1 International scientific cooperation

Video conference “Experience and Prospect of China-CEEC’s Cooperation under the COVID–19 Epidemic” was hosted by Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Institute of International Politics and Economics’ Regional Belt and Road Center, the first established center of that kind within 17+1 format of cooperation, represented Republic...

Press Release

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is at war with an adversary that has never existed in known history. It is invisible, treacherous and unpredictable. The Republic of Serbia, with the help of proven friends from the whole world, is making Herculean efforts to defeat that enemy. As it is written on...

Letters of Support

People's Republic of China won its struggle with the COVID-19 virus; our the fight has just begun.  That is why the support from our Chinese friends and partners is so important to us. We are grateful to all Chinese institutions and all Chinese citizens for following developments in the Republic...

IIPE marked International Women’s Day

Institute of International Politics and Economics celebrated International Women’s Day, as commemoration of the day when women are recognised for their achievements, over a cocktail hour for IIPE employees.



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