International Forum on Global Development

At the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Ivona Lađevac participated in the international forum “Global Development: Common Mission and Imperative for Action”. Ivona spoke on the panel “Global Development Initiative: A People-Centred Development Agenda”. The forum was held under the auspices of the State Information Council...

Certificate awards for the participants of the Third cycle of Chinese language courses

The participants of the Third cycle of Chinese language courses (HSK 1 and HSK 2), organized jointly by the Confucius Institute from Novi Sad and the Institute of International Politics and Economics, received their certificates at the awarding ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the professor of Chinese language from...

COST program

M.A. Danilo Babić and M.A. Vuk Lazić, Research Associates  at the IIPE, attended the first conference  of COST Initiative  (CA19129 - Decolonising Development: Research, Teaching and Practice), held in Brussels. Professor Aram Ziai, a Full Professor at the University of Kassel, opened the conference with his lecture “The Postcolonial...

Normative and Ontological Perspectives on the War in Ukraine

Richard Sakwa, Professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent gave a lecture titled  “Normative and Ontological Perspectives on the War in Ukraine”. Professor Sakwa pointed out that events in Ukraine bring into question the whole world order that lasted since 1945. Examining the Ukraine conflict from...

Half a century of the contemporary international environmental law

The IIPE’s Center for International Law and Economics organized a round table dedicated to half a century anniversary since the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. At the round table titled  “Half a Century of Contemporary International Environmental Law - from Normative to Real” speakers were prof. Dr. Dragoljub...



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