Research Fellow of the Institute of International Politics and Economics, Dr. Marina Kostić Šulejić, participated in the panel discussion “Science and Women Scientists in Serbia” dedicated to the upcoming International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11th).

The aim of this discussion was to point out the position, importance and role of women in science and enable the exchange of experiences and best practices of women scientists in Serbia. Woman scientists from other scientific institutes in the social and humanities field, as well as professors from the Faculty of Medicine, Economics and the Faculty of Media and Communication participated in the panel discussion.

In her presentation, Dr. Kostić Šulejić pointed out that it is necessary to recognize the specific experiences that women face in work, including in science, that the issue of the position of women in society and science should not be viewed as part of the ideological struggle between the East and the West, and suggested that additional incentives should be introduced in order to enable and encourage women who use maternity leave in one academic qualification to apply for a higher academic qualification within the stipulated period for that profession.