Institute of International Politics and Economics, within the framework of its cooperation agreement with the Department of the Political Science of the Sapienza University (Rome), organized the round table Importance of the Balkans in the global geopolitical competition”.

The event was opened by the Prof. Paolo Sellari, who underlined founding geopolitical moments since 1999. Dr. Aleksandar Mitić referred to Chinese presence in the Balkans and the mediatic perception of their activities, while Dr. Nataša Stanojević spoke of economic consequences of the Ukrainian war to the regional economies and trade in particular. Dr. Stevan Gajić, Research Fellow from the Institute for European Studies, presented Russian politics vis-a-vis the Balkan countries and Serbia in particular. Paper of Dr. Mousa Abdoulahi (Teheran) on energetic policies in Central Asia was presented by the coauthor Dr. Jaffar afterwards Dr. Slobodan Janković, head of the IIPE’s Centre for Neighbourly and Mediterranean Countries spoke of the geopolitical importance of the Balkans in the multipolar world.

Researchers and students from Serbia and Italy participated in the discussion.