The Institute for International Politics and Economics, in cooperation with the Confucius

Institute from Novi Sad, is announcing




Students and employees of public institutions have priority in applying. Chinese language classes are taught by a Chinese lecturer, and communication with students will be in English.

The 15 weeks long course begins on 04 October 2022. Classes will be held twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons,  online, via the ZOOM platform. The number of students is limited. Each class (term) will last 90 minutes and will start at 6.00 PM.

Participants will follow the course according to the book they will receive in PDF format.

Attending the course is free of charge.

Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate of completion of the beginner’s course in the Chinese language. In addition, there is the possibility of taking the HSK test, the official test of the Chinese government, by the cost of 10 Euros.

The application for the classes should contain: name and surname, personal identification number, contact email address and mobile phone. Registration lasts until September 29, 2022. Applications should be sent to the following email: