Dr Nataša Stanojević, an IIPE research associate, delivered a lecture “The Effects of Global Economic Trends on Serbia’s Foreign Trade”, as a part of the monthly IIPE`s seminar, which examines current issues in the fields of international relations, foreign policy, international law, security studies, and international economics. Dr Stanojević analysed the current trends of slowing down the growth of foreign trade, the rise of trade protectionism and the withdrawal of international production chains, as well as their negative impacts on the Serbian economy. The lecturer pointed out that, due to excessive openness, the Serbian economy shows far greater sensitivity to global economic trends comparing to the world average. In a lively debate that followed the lecture, a number of new issues were raised and proposals were made on how to correct international economic strategies, short-term solutions to current external shocks, the possibility of revising unfavourable foreign trade arrangements, and many others.