The 30th conference “Danube – River of Cooperation” was held at the Institute of International Politics and Economics as a part of the cooperation with the International Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation”. This year, the conference focused on the issues of sustainable use of natural and cultural-historical resources aimed at promoting significant projects in the field of sustainable development of Serbia. At the Opening Session, the welcome remarks were given by Professor Branislav Đorđević, the IIPE director Dr. Edita Stojić Karanović, President of the International Forum “Danube – River of Cooperation”, and Mr. Goran Puzović, Director of Public Enterprise “Srbijavode”. Professor Đorđević reminded conference participants that the vital importance of the Danube region as a subject of scientific research was recognised three decades ago at the Institute of International Politics and Economics, where the first research project on this topic was initiated and, later, led by Dr. Edita Stojić Karanović for many years. The conference had two panels discussing political, economic, environmental, legal, sanitary and technological aspects of international cooperation in the Danube region. In the concluding session, the conference participants adopted the proposal of the final conference document, which embraces the results of scientific research and policy analyses in the field of sustainable use of natural, cultural-historical, and capital infrastructure projects.