Vatroslav VEKARIĆ (2000–2005)

Professor Vatroslav Vekarić obtained his master`s (1973) and doctoral (1979) degrees in law from the School of Law, University of Belgrade. Professor Vekarić started to work at the in 1968, where he passed through all stages of research career and then served as Deputy Director for Research (1980–1985) and Director of the Institute. From 1984 to 1997 he was also Director of the Belgrade think-tank Centre for Strategic studies. Professor Vekarić was visiting lecturer at many universities and research institutes in Serbia and abroad (Italy, India, Japan, USA etc). His professional engagements included membership in the National Foreign Policy Council of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2008–2012), Governing Board of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy (2000–2004), Governing Board of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade (2001–2003) etc. Professor Vekarić authored a number of books and articles in the field of international relations and international law, especially in Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern studies. His most important books are Oil and Foreign Policy of the Arab States and An Interpretation of the Social Roots of the Palestinian Question – Specific Features of the Creation of the State of Israel.