Milan ŠAHOVIĆ (1972–1977, 1985–1988)

Milan Šahović received his PhD at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade defending a dissertation on the codification of international law, topic which he will deal with continuously through his academic career; he participated in the drafting of a number of international treaties and conventions as well. Professor Šahović was teaching International Law at the Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade; he was a honorary member of the renowned International Institute for International Law (Institut de Droit international) in France, a longstanding member of the United Nations Commission on International Law, and a member of the Institute for International Humanitarian Law based in San Remo. Professor Šahović taught at many foreign universities and at The Hague Academy of International Law. He made the greatest contribution to the development and affirmation of the Institute of International Politics and Economics, where he was Head of Centre for International Law for many years. Professor Šahović authored a number of books and research articles in the field of international law, humanitarian law and international relations. His most important books are: Forty Years of the United Nations, Nuclear Energy and International Law, Ways of Contemporary Development of International Law, General Issues of Codification of International Law, International law and the Yugoslav crisis, and International law in international relations.