Dr Dušan Proroković

Senior Research Fellow

Dušan Proroković joined Institute of International Politics and Economics in March 2017. His main areas of academic interest are geopolitics, international and regional security and international relations. Dušan earned his MA at the Faculty for International Relations and Public Affairs in Prague (Czech Republic), at the Department for International Affairs and Diplomacy. He obtained his PhD at the Faculty for Political Science and International Relations, Department for International Relations and Diplomacy, at the Slovak state Univeristatis Matthiae Belli in Banska Bistrica in 2012. He defended his dissertation in Security studies at the Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade, in 2017. Dušan Proroković authored four books: Kosovo: Interethnic and Political Relations (2011), Geopolitics of Serbia: Position and Perspectives at the Beginning of the 21st Century (2012), German Geopolitics and Balkans: Goals of Middle European Continentalism (2014), and The Era of Multipolarity (2017).