Institute of International Politics and Economics created “International Law Sessions” as a new discussion forum for sharing views about trendy global topics in the field of international law. “International Law Sessions” are conceived in the form of lectures that will be given by relevant members of Serbian academic community, and scholars from the neighbouring countries and abroad, as well as experts and practitioners who face the challenges of international law. On the occasion of the initial session, IIPE honoured Dr. Aleksandar Gajić, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and Chief Legal Advisor at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who delivered a lecture “International law in the function of preserving the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia”. Professor Gajić opened the lecture by emphasising the inevitability of the tight relationship between law and politics. He analysed various international law instruments which Serbia has used in the global struggle to protect its territorial integrity, and tackled the issue of costs as a significant factor of that international activity. The lecturer then referred to the vital importance of the international legal instruments which are in favour of Serbian national interests, pointing out the hidden potential of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244; he also brought more light to those that adversely affect the resolution of the Kosovo problem. The audience had the opportunity to hear rich practical experience of Professor Gajić as a participant in the Serbian government`s measures against Kosovo`s eventual membership in international organisations such as UNESCO, INTERPOL and the World Customs Organisation. During a lively debate marked by the clash of various interpretations of international legal and political acts adopted since the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against the then FRY to date, the lecturer emphasised the need for persistent and patient diplomatic actions in order to get as many states informed about the complex aspects of the denial of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia over Kosovo and Metohija by the authorities in Priština and the part of international community.