Predrаg SIMIĆ (1989–1997)

Professor Predrag Simić earned his master’s degree (1980) from the Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade, where he also obtained PhD (1988). Professor Simić started as a young researcher at the Institute for International Politics and Economics, but he spent the second part of his rich academic career as a professor of International Relations and Foreign Policy at the Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade, where he was also Head of Department for International Studies. As one of top experts on international relations in Serbia, he participated in a Serbian delegation in the talks in Rambouillet before NATO’s intervention in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. Professor Simić was Director of the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2001–2004) and Serbian ambassador to France (2004–2009). In November 2005, Professor Simić was appointed a member of Belgrade’s negotiating team on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija. His particular areas of interest were Serbia’s foreign policy and political relations in the Balkans. Professor Simić authored several books, including The Road to Rambouillet: The Kosovo Crisis 1995–2000 and Tito and NATO: The Rise and Fall of Other Yugoslavia. Professor Simić was President of the Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia.