Dr Bogdan Stojanović

Research Fellow

Bogdan Stojanović joined the Institute of International Politics and Economics in October 2018. Previously he has been working as Adviser at the Ministry of Justice for more than four years (2011-2015). His main research interests are theories of international relations, geopolitics, role of weapons of mass destruction in international politics and intelligence studies. Bogdan earned PhD from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade (International and European Studies Programme), with dissertation Ecological Security as a Factor of Withdrawal from the Nuclear Weapons Programs of States. At the same faculty, he completed MA studies in International Security by defending thesis entitled Balance of the Nuclear Power between Superpowers as a Factor of Stability in International Relations during the Cold War Period (2011), where he had graduated from the Department for International Relations (2009). Bogdan co-authored book The Balance of Nuclear Power between USA and Russia (USSR) as well as dozen scientific articles. In December 2021, Bogdan published the first independent scientific book entitled The Theory of Denuclearization: Why States Abandon Nuclear Weapons Programs?. He has completed several professional courses in the field of his academic interests and participated in a dozen national and international scientific conferences, seminars and educational programmes.