Just a month later, a new delegation from the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences visited Institute of International Politics and Economics. The high delegation was composed of Prof. Dr. Rui Zhao, the Deputy Director, Prof. Dr. Binhong Shao, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Economic Review, prof. Dr. Zhinan Zhang, Editorial Director of China & World Economy, and Dr. Chenyu Zeng, Assitant Research Fellow.

Since, almost a decade ago, the two institutes signed a Memorandum of Understanding, Prof. Dr. Branislav Djordjevic, Director of IIPE, suggested to the distinguished guests a few concrete ideas that could be realized in the next year. The backbone of the cooperation will be the research in the area of ​​implementation of the Belt and the Road Initiative.

The curiosity of today’s meeting is a tribute given to IIPE. Namely, among all the institutes of the world with which the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences cooperates, IIPE was the first to establish the Center for the Belt and the Road Studies.