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Review of International Affairs publishes articles to stimulate constructive debate on the issues
of topical interest for the Republic of Serbia.
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Review of International Affairs

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Institute of International Politics and Economics

For the Publisher

Duško DIMITRIJEVIĆ, Director


Dragoljub TODIĆ, Professor, IIPE

Deputy Editor-in-Chief


Editorial Council

  • Oliver ANTIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Law, Belgrade, Serbia (President)

  • Yuan ZHENGQING, Ph.D., Deputy Editor in Chief of World Economics
        and Politic, Institute of World Economics and Politics,
        Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China

  • Vladimir DMITRIEVICH KUZNICHEVSKI, Ph.D., Russian Institute for Strategic
        Research, Moscow, Russia

  • Jouni JARVINEN, Ph.D., Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki, Finland

  • Stefano PILOTTO, Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, Trieste, Italy

  • Armand CLESSE, Ph.D., Director, Luxembourg Institute
        for European and International Studies, Luxemburg

  • Satoru MATSUDA, Professor, Kyoto Gakuen University, Kyoto, Japan

  • Sergiu MISCOIU, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of Journal Studia Europaea,
        European University, Cluj, Romania

  • Camelia RATIU, Ph.D., European Commission, DG Enlargement,
        Brussels, Belgium

  • Edislav MANETOVIĆ, Professor, Whitehead School of Diplomacy
        and International Relations, Seton Hall University, USA

  • Laurence WEINBAUM, Ph.D., Director-General, Editor-in-chief of Israel
        Journal of foreign Affairs, Israel Council on Foreign Relations, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Dragan SIMEUNOVIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences,
        Belgrade, Serbia

  • Vojislav STANOVČIĆ, Academician, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
        (SASA), Belgrade, Serbia

  • Darko TANASKOVIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Philology, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Predrag SIMIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Dragan SIMIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Ljubiša ADAMOVIĆ, Professor, European University for Peace
        and Developement, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Dragana GNJATOVIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Economy, Kragujevac, Serbia

  • Duško LOPANDIĆ, Ph.D., Ambassador, Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Serbia

  • Božin NIKOLIĆ, Ambassador, Director of the Diplomatic Academy,
        Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Serbia

  • Editorial Board

  • Vladimir GREČIĆ, Professor, IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Slobodan PAJEVIĆ, Professor, Megatrend University, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Saša MIJALKOVIĆ, Professor, KPA, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Vladimir GRBIĆ, Professor, Faculty for International Economy, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Milomir STEPIĆ, Professor, Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Predrag BJELIĆ, Professor, Faculty of Economy, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Bojan MILISAVLJEVIĆ, Ph.D., Faculty of Law, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Goran NIKOLIĆ, Ph.D., Institute for European Studies, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Duško DIMITRIJEVIĆ, Ph.D., Director, IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Dragan PETROVIĆ, Ph.D., IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Nevenka JEFTIĆ-ŠARČEVIĆ, Ph.D., IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Dobrica VESIĆ, Ph.D., IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Mina ZIROJEVIC-FATIĆ, Ph.D., IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Ivona LAĐEVAC, M.A., IIPE, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Translator

  • Aleksandra JANOŠEVIĆ

  • Secretary

  • Jelica GORDANIĆ, M.A. Ph.D. Candidate

  • Layout

  • Snežana VOJKOVIĆ
  • Sanja PAVLOVIĆ

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